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Onvio Timing Pulleys are Produced to the Highest Standards, Including Our Flanges

Why do Flanges Matter?

Timing pulley flanges are intended to guide the timing belt in operation. However, many applications can overload a standard flange if there is slight misalignment at installation, the pulley is not sized properly for the belt, or countless other variables create an imperfect operating condition.   If the flange is not designed to take this extra stress, you could have a machine down before you know it.

Difference Between Rolled and Non-Rolled Flanges

There are a handful of ways to attach a flange to a pulley.  The most common standard methods only provide a few points of contact to secure the flange to the pulley.  Stronger methods, like welding or adding screws are effective, but can be expensive.  Due to our long history in the design and proper application of timing belts and pulleys, Onvio has developed a unique, proprietary flange rolling installation process that provides 360 degrees of connection to the pulley.  This method is fast, low cost, and will ensure that the timing pulley flanges do their job, even when overloaded.

For extra heavy-duty applications, bolt-on and welded flanges can be provided.   To learn more, please give us a call at (866)-685-0404, or email contact@onviollc.com.

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