Onvio LLC - Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Onvio designs and manufactures custom products in collaboration with our customers to meet application requirements. From minor modifications to standard product to full product development – Onvio can deliver the solution that is required.​

With a broad range of technologies and experience to pull from, combined with low-cost manufacturing means we can provide solutions in prototyping and production.

Value Added Capabilities

  • Meet extreme environmental requirements​
    • Fully submersible​​
    • High temperature environments​​
    • Low temp environments​​
    • Wash Down & Food Grade​​
  • Size and weight requirements​
  • Unique form factors​
  • Integration into and with other components and systems
  • Integration with servo motors and controls


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Standard Solution - Cycloidal Reducer

Custom Solution - High Torque, Right Angle, Anti-Corrosive Cycloidal


Design Requirements​

  • Increased output torque​
  • Corrosion resistance​
  • Integrated Right Angle




Standard Solution - Planetary Reducer

Custom Solution - Submersible Compact Gear Motor


Design Requirements​

  • Fully submersible​​
  • Compact Form Factor​​
  • Integrated Servo Motor




Standard Solution - Planet and Pulley

Custom Solution - Gear Motor with Pulley


Design Requirements​

  • Extreme weight and size requirement​
  • Increased Bearing Capacity​
  • Integrated Timing Pulley​
  • Integrated Servo Motor