Standard Products

Onvio designs and manufactures standard products that are ideally suited for a wide range of motion control, robotic and automation applications.  Our standard products include:

  • Zero Backlash Cycloidal Gearboxes (Reducers)
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Right Angle Gearboxes
  • Timing Belt Pulleys

We offer a wide range of precision levels to fit your specific application.


Custom Drive Packages

By incorporating standard technology, Onvio designs and manufactures unique solutions for industries and applications that require size, performance and/or environmental specifications not available from off-the-shelf products.

  • Antenna Drives
  • Wheel Drives
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotic Joints
  • Washdown Gearmotors
  • UAV and UGV Drives


Engineered Solutions

Onvio’s Engineered Solutions Group provides engineering and manufacturing services to meet the challenges in a wide range of market segments.  Whether your program is in the medical device, semiconductor, food processing and packaging, automotive, solar, warehouse automation, or factory automation and robotics, Onvio provides industry leading design and low cost manufacturing in Mexico to assure success from prototype to volume production. Call today to discuss your project requirements.


Standard Gearbox and Timing Belt Pulley Products

Onvio has been serving the automation and robotics market with an array of standard products for over 35 years. A complete line of high precision in-line and right angle planetary gearboxes, the only True zero backlash cycloidal reducer and a comprehensive range of made to order timing belt pulleys and components.

Cycloidal Gearboxes

Zero Backlash Cycloidal Gearboxes \ Reducers

Dojen™ cycloidal gearboxes / reducers provide true zero backlash and positioning accuracy within 30 arc-seconds in a very compact package making it ideal for today’s demanding servo applications. An integrated, 4 point contact output bearing provides extremely high radial, axial and moment load capacity allowing engineers to attach a load directly to the output flange without the need for additional support. Available in ratios from 10:1 to 225:1 in a flat pancake design. We manufacture eight frame sizes with output torque ranging from 100 lb-in to .more than 60,000 lb-in. The Dojen™ Cycloidal Gearbox is available with several input shaft options as well as a large thru-hole. READ MORE

Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes

Our high precision planetary gearbox line employs helical or straight tooth gear designs to provide low backlash and excellent torque transmission capability. Our planetary gears are hardened and ground and run on high precision full complement needle bearings resulting in a quiet, smooth running system which is ideal for a broad range of applications. We manufacture a wide range of packages including in-line, right angle, flange and wheel hub configurations with precision from 12 arc-minutes down to 3 arc-minutes. All of our gearboxes can be supplied for washdown environments with seals rated to IP67. These planetary gearheads can be mated with any servo, stepper or brushless motor quickly and cost effectively. READ MORE

Timing Belt Pulleys

Onvio’s make-to-order timing belt pulleys are ideal for the automation and robotics market and are available in all industry tooth profile configurations. Machined from either Aluminum, steel, stainless steel or plastic these pulleys are produced exactly to your required configuration.
In addition, we provide a wide array of value added services in house to include various types of plating, clamp plates, and complete idler pulleys with bearings and shafts. READ MORE