Gentlemen – Start Your AGV! Custom wheel drives and servo speed reducer designs for every application.

Custom Wheel Drives, Servo Motors

Servo Speed Reducer Designs, Automated Guided Vehicles and Custom Wheel Drives for Every Application

Today’s mobile robot platforms can be used for an endless array of applications including warehouse automation, material handling, factory floor inventory management, security robots medicine delivery systems, farming, and many, many more!

Design Considerations when choosing the right wheel drive system include:

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Voltage
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Bearing Loads
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Environment and Sealing
  • Efficiency & Batter Life
  • Cost

Anatomy of a Wheel Drive

The infographic below shows the anatomy of a wheel drive including:

  • Robust bearing arrangement supports dynamic vehicle loading
  • Application specific vehicle interface
  • Application specific cabling configuration
  • Power-off brake with manual override cable
  • Encoder feedback
  • Integrated frameless servo motor
  • Sealed Enclosure
  • Dual Stage planetary reduction
  • Application specific drive wheel interface

Anatomy of a Wheel Drive, servo speed reducer designs

Onvio Specializes in servo speed reducer designs and custom wheel drives to meet any challenge!

servo speed reducer designs

Custom Drive Packages and Servo Speed Reducer Designs

By incorporating standard technology, Onvio designs and manufactures unique solutions for industries and applications that require size, performance and/or environmental specifications not available from off-the-shelf products.

Contact our engineering team for Servo Speed Reducer Designs, Custom Wheel Drives and Engineered Robotic Systems

Onvio’s Engineered Solutions Group provides engineering and manufacturing services to meet the challenges in a wide range of market segments.  Whether your program is in the medical device, semiconductor, food processing and packaging, automotive, solar, warehouse automation, or factory automation and robotics, Onvio provides industry leading design and low cost manufacturing in Mexico to assure success from prototype to volume production. Call today to discuss your project requirements.

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