Precision Hobbed Pulleys, Sprockets, Bar Stock, Clamp Plates

Standard Pulleys / Sprockets

  • Stamped Steel Flanges
  • Standard Hubs
  • Pilot Bore or Finished Bore

Modified Pulleys / Sprockets

  • Stamped Steel or Custom Flanges
  • Double, and Triple Pulleys
  • Keyways, Set Screws, Counter-bores, Custom Hubs, Snap Ring Grooves, Precision Shafting, Tapered Bushing prep, V -Guides

Timing Pulley Bar Stock

  • Lengths up to 24 inches (based on pitch and tooth count)
  • …or let Onvio provide finished pulleys to your drawing!
pulley bar stock

Timing Belt Clamp Plates

All popular belt pitch configurations

  • Groove Plate and Flat Plate
  • Complete sub-assembly products

Value Added Services & Sub-Assemblies

Modified Pulleys, Sprockets and Machined Components

  • Bearings, Snap Rings, Dowel Pins, Spring Pins, Thread Inserts, Bushings, Specialty Hardware, Precision Shafting, …and more