Gearboxes, Timing Belt Pulleys & Custom Drive Packages – Manufactured in Beautiful Puebla, Mexico

ONVIO’s World Class Gearbox Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful place to live and work! Onvio is proud of its state of the art manufacturing facility in Puebla, Mexico. In our fully integrated 60,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing facility, we employ more than 100 hard-working, passionate people that are focused on providing the best turning, milling, hobbing, grinding, plating, assembly & testing of all of Onvio’s core products.

Onvio, LLC Planetary Gearbox Mexico Manufacturing Facility

Onvio – Quick Facts about Puebla

  • Founded in 1630, Puebla Mexico has a population of 3 Million and an average summer temperature of 85°
  • Puebla Mexico has the highest number of churches and cathedrals per capital in North America.
  • Dedicated to the deity Quetzalcoati, Puebla is home to the Cholula Pyramid — the Largest in the world!
  • Along with manufacturers like SKF, Audi and Volkswagen have plants in Puebla Mexico, employing more than 15K workers
  • Onvio’s gearbox and custom drive package manufacturing in Puebla Mexico employs more than 100 people with 25 milling hobbing, turning and grinding machines and fill assembly and test equipment.

Puebla Mexico lies approximately 40 miles southeast of Mexico City, and is a vibrant city filled with history, culture and some of the best manufacturing talents in the Americas!  Say the word Cholula in the U.S. and people think “hot sauce” but in Mexico, they think of Churches. The lore is that the natives of Cholula refused to buckle under the conqueror Hernan Cortes, so he massacred thousands of natives and ordered that 365 Catholic churches be built, one for each day of the year! One such church is the Church of Our Lady of Remedies which sits on top of a pre-colonial pyramid (the largest archaeological site in the Americas!), Visit our Facebook Page.

Puebla ‘s Industrial Capability Puebla has long been an important center for manufacturing, from its humble beginnings producing textiles and pottery (which continue to be made on a larger scale), to its modem day expansion into the mining. construction, electronic and automotive industries. Today, many well-known brands have large plants in Puebla, including Volkswagen and, more recently, Audi. To learn more about the cultural and industrial significance of Puebla, Visit our Facebook Page.

ONVIO, LLC is Manufacturing World Class Servo Packages for Automation, Robotics and Motion Control

Zero Backlash Cycloidal Gearboxes

zero backlash cycloidal gearbox

Our Dojen zero backlash reducers offer the highest precision available on the market!  True zero backlash is achieved by utilizing a dual track cam and preloaded needle bearing cam followers to transmit torque!

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Precision Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary Gearboxes
Onvio manufactures standard planetary gearboxes to fit the most demanding application. We offer Four precision classes with backlash ranging from 15 down to 3 arc-minutes!

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Make-to-Order Timing Pulleys

Timing belt pulleys
Made to your drawing or ours, Onvio delivers pulleys that meet your specifications at competitive prices … Fast!

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