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Dojen™Cycloidal Gearbox

Introducing Onvio’s Dojen™ Zero Backlash, Cycloidal Gearbox / Speed Reducer

Today’s servo motors continue to provide higher speeds and increased torque capacity in each frame size. Dynamic performance, backlash and torsional stiffness become ever more crucial to motion control systems.
Onvio’s Dojen™ cycloidal gearbox / speed reducers provide the highest precision available offering TRUE ZERO BACKLASH, high torsional stiffness and unmatched positioning accuracy.

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zero backlash cycloidal gearbox

Onvio, LLC To Exhibit its Dojen™ Cycloidal Gearbox at the Robotics and AI Summit Advancing Manufacturing Competitiveness in Boston

Onvio, LLC, an industry leader and trusted partner in supplying high precision drive systems to the Robotics and Motion Control Automation Industry, will showcase Dojen™, it’s zero backlash cycloidal gearbox / speed reducer on June 18 – 19, 2018 at the Robotics and AI Summit.

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planetary gearbox technology principle of operation photo

How to decide between Cycloidal and Planetary Gearboxes

When deciding between the cycloidal and planetary gearbox, engineers should first consider the precision needed in the application. If backlash and positioning accuracy are crucial, then cycloidal gearboxes offer the best choice. Removing backlash can also help the servomotor handle high cycle, high-frequency moves.

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Planetary Gearbox vs. Cycloidal Gearbox Technology – Component Case Studies

Why Use a Cycloidal Gearbox or Planetary Gearbox? Understanding Servo Gearbox Technology Understanding Planetary Gearbox Technology – Principle of Operation Planetary Gearbox Advantages & Disadvantages Planetary […]

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backlash chart

“PLAY”ing with Backlash to optimize a dynamic servo, planetary or cycloidal gearbox.

Understanding backlash and how it is measured is a critical element when trying to optimize a dynamic servo, planetary or cycloidal gearbox.  What is Gearbox […]

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