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planetary gearbox technology principle of operation photo

Selecting a Cycloidal or Planetary Gearbox

When deciding between the cycloidal and planetary gearbox, engineers should first consider the precision needed in the application. If backlash and positioning accuracy are crucial, then cycloidal gearboxes offer the best choice. Removing backlash can also help the servomotor handle high cycle, high-frequency moves.

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Planetary Gearbox vs. Cycloidal Gearbox Technology – Component Case Studies

Why Use a Cycloidal Gearbox or Planetary Gearbox? Understanding Servo Gearbox Technology Understanding Planetary Gearbox Technology – Principle of Operation Planetary Gearbox Advantages & Disadvantages Planetary […]

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backlash chart

“PLAY”ing with Backlash to optimize a dynamic servo, planetary or cycloidal gearbox.

Understanding backlash and how it is measured is a critical element when trying to optimize a dynamic servo, planetary or cycloidal gearbox.  What is Gearbox […]

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360 degree “Rolled” timing pulley flange installation

A very simple feature that sets Onvio timing pulleys apart from the rest! Timing pulley flanges are intended to provide a slight “guide” effect on […]

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Carburizing vs Nitriding

Which heat treatment method is better for precision gears? Both carburizing and nitriding are acceptable heat treating methods for precision gearing. Through engineering, development and […]

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