Automation Talk

Deciding Between Cycloidal and Planetary Gearboxes

In this article we will outline the most common factors that determine whether a Planetary Gearbox or Cycloidal Gearbox is the better technology for a […]

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Timing Pulley Manufacturing Process

Have you ever wondered how a precision timing pulley is manufactured?

The first step that is taken to produce an Onvio Timing Pulley, is in the Onvio Engineering Department, located in Salem NH.  With a few quick clicks, a drawing is generated using our “in-house developed” timing pulley configuration tool, to meet the exact specifications identified by our customers.  

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gearbox accuracy

Gearbox Accuracy and Repeatability AND It’s Effects on Robotics!

What is Accuracy and Repeatability in Engineered Systems for Automation and Robotics? This article describes how Gearboxes contribute to accuracy and repeatability.

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gearbox manufacturing in mexico

High Quality Manufacturing in Beautiful Puebla, Mexico – Planetary and Cycloidal Reducers, Timing Belt Pulleys & Custom Drive Packages

Mexico is a beautiful place to live and work! Onvio is proud of its state of the art manufacturing facility in Puebla, Mexico. In our fully integrated 60,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing facility, we employ more than 100 hard-working, passionate people that are focused on providing the best turning, milling, hobbing, grinding, plating, assembly & testing of all of Onvio’s core products.

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cycloidal reducer- with zero backlash

No Backlash No Problem – Creating Zero Backlash Gearboxes

In servo applications, minimizing backlash improves overall performance including accuracy, repeatability, vibration and noise.  As a result, gearbox manufacturers focus on minimizing backlash when creating […]

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