360 degree “Rolled” timing pulley flange installation

A very simple feature that sets Onvio timing pulleys apart from the rest!

Timing pulley flanges are intended to provide a slight “guide” effect on the timing belt. However, many applications can overload the standard flange rating due to directional “wandering” of the belt, misalignment, or a number of other factors.

Timing pulley flange installation processes that do not provide a true 360 degree rolled contact point are likely to be overloaded and suffer from premature failure. Due to our long history in the design and proper application of timing belts and pulleys, Onvio has developed a unique — proprietary flange rolling — installation process that will ensure that the timing pulley flanges do their job – even when overloaded.

Onvio also offers timing pulleys that can be specified with “screw on”, or “bolt on” flanges. This may be the result of pulley O.D., high belt forces applied during operation, or simply customers requiring “removable flange” access for belt replacement/maintenance.

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